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Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities

SEAT Planners can offer you “vehicles” of sponsorship to offset your transportation costs. We can help you offset your program costs.

Wrap Your Motor Coach

Bus wrap examples by SEAT Planners
The options are as follows:
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Full Wrap

The vehicle is wrapped including both sides, front and rear.

Half Wrap

Both sides are wrapped as well as the front and rear.

King Wrap with Wings

king wrap wing wings for a bus

The full height is wrapped between the wheels plus two-foot extensions on the sides.

King Wrap (16’ x 10’)

king wrap for a bus

The full height of the vehicle is wrapped between the wheels.

Queen Wrap (16’ x 6’)

queen wrap for a bus

The vehicle is wrapped between the wheels up to the windows.


window wrap for a bus

Full coverage on the exterior windows on both sides.

Full Ribbon (2’ x 34’)

Full ribbon wrap for a bus

A band is wrapped along the side of the vehicle.

Partial Ribbon (2’ x 20’)

A partial band is wrapped along the sides of the vehicle.

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Additional Opportunities

There are also sponsorship opportunities inside the shuttle bus. They are as follows.

Full-Color, Double-Sided Headrest Covers
While riding the coach, guests can’t miss the messages on headrest covers. The 8” x 5” color image can be the same on front and back or different at no additional costs.

Window Decals
Decals can also be placed on the inside of the vehicle windows to be read by riders.

Windshield Card
Affordable windshield cards are a simple way to welcome guests and share a message.

Beyond the Bus

  • Street Decals – Grab the eyes of your guests as they get on and off the coach with street decals. They are full-color and nonslip signs and completely recyclable.
  • Logo or message on shuttle information lobby poster and printed schedules
  • Logo or message on convention center route sign
  • Videos or Wi-Fi

If you decide you want to offer advertising and sponsorship opportunities, we’ll send a flyer for you complete with pricing.

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