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Green Initiatives

seat planner involves it self in a carbon offset programs and other green initiatives
SEAT Planners is passionate about the environment. We work tirelessly to offset and reduce our impact.
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Carbon Offset Program

Until vehicles become available that don’t produce carbon dioxide (CO2) or other contaminants, we will look for ways to offset our carbon footprint. The following program is part of our best practices.

  • SEAT Planners measure the amount of the carbon dioxide produced by an event’s transportation.
  • We purchase carbon credits based on the carbon dioxide emitted via a contribution to the Go Zero Conservation Fund.
  • Since we first partnered with Go Zero in 2009, we have planted more than 3,500 trees. Most recently, we planted 66 native oak and hickory trees in the Marais des Cygnes National Wildlife Refuge.

Go Zero

Through this program, we have offset 100 percent of the emissions from each event.

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Efficiency of Motorcoaches (buses)

Motorcoaches are more fuel efficient than cars.

  • Buses produce the equivalent of 250 passenger miles per gallon of fuel.
  • A bus can remove up to 55 car or taxi trips from the road for every trip they make.
  • A bus with only seven passengers is still more fuel efficient than a car with only one passenger.
  • Twenty people using taxis would produce more than double the carbon dioxide than if guests traveled by bus.

Transportation Suppliers

We have a preference for motorcoaches (buses) that meet or exceed emission objectives such as:

  • high-efficiency, low-emissions engines like four-cycle electronic engines
  • exhaust control equipment
  • vehicle-wash conservation practices
  • alternative energy vehicles including electric, hybrid, bio fuels and compressed natural gas
  • diesel vehicles that use ultra-low sulfur fuel
  • carpooling for driver relief and replacement

At the Meeting Site

We employ strict practices at our event venues. These include:

  • limiting vehicle idling to five minutes or less
  • designing and monitoring routes for efficiency
  • scheduling vehicles for maximum passenger efficiency
  • making multiple trips per vehicle
  • recycling flashlight, radio and cellphone batteries
  • recycling signage and any unused paperwork
  • carpooling staff to shuttle site as well as reusing bed sheets and bath towels in accommodations

In our SEAT Planners offices

We don’t just talk the talk but carry our beliefs through to daily life in our offices, including:

  • encourage employee carpooling and use of public transit
  • recycle all clean paper and toner cartridges
  • use, wash and reuse dishes, cups and utensils
  • use fans whenever possible instead of air conditioning
  • use compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) instead of incandescent lamps
  • use 30 percent content recycled paper
  • use no straws
  • set conservation goals for electric usage
  • recycle beverage bottles and cans

Click here for a PDF of our Green Practices.

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